3 Best Craft Knives For The Perfect Cut Everytime

With the best craft knife you can ensure all your cuts will be precise. You need a craft knife that has a comfortable grip and is safe to use. When you are choosing your craft tool you have to know beforehand what type of crafts you are going to use it for. Most crafters want to have multiple types of craft knives in their box, since certain features are good for certain crafts. There are two main styles, cartridge and pen. We will help you by showing you the three best craft knives on the market.

Xacto X5282 Basic Knife Set

A great, if not the best craft knife for the perfect cut

Xacto X5282 Basic Knife Set is great for cutting different materials such as wood, paper, plastic and more. It comes in a wooden chest and it includes variety of blade types. It has straight edge blades, general purpose blades, fine point blades and scoring blades. This craft knife has been used for years by many artists because it provides careful precise cuts with its steel and carbon sharpened blades. It will give you more control and you will have more precise cuts for all your projects in the future.


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Darice Retractable Razor Knife Set, Assorted Color

The best craft knife on the market

Darice Retractable Razor Knife Set contains 3 knives. They are great for crafting. Any time you need to cut paper, cardboard and even thin sheets of plastic you can use this razor knife for it. In the handles there are replacement blades and they are available in assorted colors. The blades are very sharp and you will not need to change them for a long time. There is a lock which is there for your own safety. All you need to do is to slide the two black things on top to lock it and if you want to unlock it you have to slide them back together.

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Penblade Retractable Knife Set – 3 knives, #10, #11 and #15 (The Best Craft Knife)

One of the best craft knives on available

Hobby Craft & Art Knives set includes 3 different blades. Number 10 blade has a curved edge, number 11 has a straight edge and number 15 has a small curved edge. The blades are long lasting because they are made of surgical grade stainless steel. If you want to store the knives there is a push button blade retraction and you will not need caps. There is also a ruler on the end of the handle for measuring. These knives are made for left and right handed people which allows for anyone to use them perfectly. This set definitely earns its #1 spot as the best craft knives.

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Craft knives are useful for many things. People very often choose scissors because they are more used to them, but craft knives will give you a cut that is more accurate. Craft knives will give you precise cuts and you can cut out not only intricate but also detailed shapes. They are so easy to use because you hold them like a pen. You can also use it for trimming all those untidy ends. This is a tool that is irreplaceable and it is something that everyone needs. Just find the right one for you and you will not regret the money you have spent. Thanks for reading our article on the best craft knife!