3 Best Craft Scissors For The Perfect Cut Everytime

We all know how important it is to have quality tools when we need work to be done efficiently and with little effort, both at home and at work and that includes cutting and crafting. So, how do we go about choosing the right product for us? When it comes to craft scissors, it’s all about deciding, first, what specifically do we need. Do we need it for fabric or paper? Do we want a nonstick one or perhaps it doesn’t matter? Is it one or more that we need? Following is information that we provide on three of the best products, hoping that it will make it easier for you to choose. Without further adieu, our list of the best craft scissors.

Westcott 13901 Sewing/Craft Scissors, Sharp Tip, 8-Inches, Set of 2, Gray/Yellow

Some of the best craft scissors on the market

They are perfect for most household cutting tasks, as well as office work, they’re basically multi-purpose use scissors. Their stainless steel core with titanium bonding make them high performance and apparently three times stronger than classic stainless steel blades and corrosion resistant. They’re light weight, thus easy to use, and they have ergonomic handles that makes them very comfortable even for long use or heavier cutting.

These craft scissors stay sharp even after long usage due to the quality of the manufacturing material, and a highly appreciated aspect is that they come with a lifetime warranty.

Their best feature is that their coated blades are non-sticky, making it less of a headache when in need to cut through tapes and glues. They come in a package of two, which makes it more convenient, especially if you need more than one. Would be great if they had two different colors though.

Although these are good quality craft scissors and extremely sharp, they do have some flaws of their own. Apparently, they easily break into two pieces from the center pivot, which doesn’t seem to be made of a really good quality material itself. Some buyers even claim that they received the scissors with nicks on the blades, hence they don’t cut clean.

Some users state that the handle is not comfortable enough for male users, as it is a bit too small and gets uncomfortable when used to cut for an extended time.

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Scotch Precision Scissor, 8-Inches (1448)

A great pair of craft scissors

These craft scissors are great for everyday cutting needs, cutting through most fabrics, as well as photos and even heavy weight paper. They too have a lifetime warranty, which is great. The blades are made of stainless steel of a very good quality, and even though not titanium, apparently they have a very long cutting life and very sharp blades.

They come with a soft grip handle as well, but these are specifically designed for left-handed users as well as right-handed, which makes them more comfortable. They’re available in many colors for us to choose form.

The hinge screw should permit tightening and adjusting, which is really good. These scissors are full tang, meaning that the metal from the blade continues into the handles and into the finger hole areas, which makes them very durable.

As a downside, they do not have non-stick technology, and we all know how unpleasant it can be when you need to cut through sticky things and then go through the not very easy task of cleaning some really sharp blades. And again, male users complain about the size of the handle as being a bit too small for their comfortable use.

While they’re ideal to cut through paper, cloth, soft cardboards, cotton and so on, it does require more hard work when in need to cut denser materials, like cotton terry for example.

Like the Westcott craft scissors described before, some users complain that they have received their scissors with small nicks on the blade. It might be an isolated fault, as we haven’t heard that usually from other users.

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Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors, 8 Inch, 3-Pack (1458-3AMZ)

Scissors made specifically for scrapbooking

They come in a pack of three, each having a different bright color, which is really nice.

These craft scissors have titanium-fused blades, which apparently stay sharp beyond 100,000 cuts, longer than stainless steel blades.

A definite plus is that they have an adjustable blade pivot made of good quality stainless steel that makes them not only long-lasting, but very comfortable to use.

This pack of three craft scissors is an excellent choice if you need more than one pair, especially if most people living in your house are using them and you always end up looking for one.

They are regular adult sized scissors, very solid and extremely sharp, and beautifully manufactured.

They are not specifically designed for both left-handed and right handed users, but some left-handed users say that it is still pretty comfortable for them to use. They do have soft comfort grip handles and a life time warranty, as the first two we mentioned.

While they aren’t non-stick, craft scissors, a lot of customers say they actually do not stick.

The price for the three pack is really a great deal.  They are perfect if you own an office, where more than one is usually needed.


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These are all good quality products, but have slightly different features and price/package offers. Both Westcott and Scotch Precision Ultra Edge are stainless steel and titanium, which makes them more resistant compared to the Scotch Precision, which is only stainless steel. But the last two come with an adjustable durable pivot, unlike Westcott, which is most certainly a plus. They all have lifelong warranty. The prices are all affordable; the only difference is that some of them come in a package, which can be a really good deal especially if you need more than one, and in most cases, the more they are, the better the price gets.

We know sometimes choosing the right product out of so many out there can be a bit overwhelming and challenging, and that’s why we’re here to help. So before you decide on which product to buy, it’s a good idea to do a little bit of research based upon your specific needs, read some reviews and compare prices to your budged. And last but not least, don’t forget to choose quality over quantity; or better still, you can choose both quality and quantity when you have found a good offer from a well-known and respected brand. Thanks for reading out article on the best craft scissors!