3 Best Hot Glue Guns For Any Crafting Project

If you are a crafter you will need a hot glue gun around your house. Every time you need to glue something back together you can use the hot glue gun. There are two types of glue guns, high temperature and low temperature. High temperature glue guns can be used on any project you have in mind, but low temperature ones can be used by children, of course with supervision. There are so many glue guns on the market today. We will try to help you decide the best hot glue gun for you.

Premium Hot Glue Gun For Arts and Crafts 

One of the best hot glue guns on the market

Premium Hot Glue Gun is perfect for arts and crafts. It will only take 3 to 5 minutes to heat up and it will maintain the temperature the entire time you are using it. It is very easy to use, you just insert the glue stick, and you are good to go. It easily adheres to different materials from metals to plastic. It does not leak and it will not damage the item you are currently working on. It has an on and off switch which is perfect if you need to take a pause and you will not waste glue.

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Surebonder DT-200KIT Mini Dual Temperature Glue Gun

A great hot glue gun

Surebonder DT-200KIT kit comes with a mini dual temperature glue gun and with 12 glue sticks. It can use different glue sticks, not just the ones that are included. Instead you can use sticks which are 4 or 10 inches long. They have power of 10 Watts and work on 120 Volts. It has low temperature settings which are great for all delicate materials such as lace, and high temperature settings are perfect for materials such as metal or wood. It works the same as the larger hot glue guns. It is small and effective at the same time.

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CCbetter® Mini Hot Glue Gun 

The best hot glue gun on the market

CCbetter® Mini Hot Glue Gun is the best hot glue gun for all your projects. It heats up very fast and maintains constant temperature. You can use it for your DIY projects, in your office or your home. There is a device that triggers propulsion and it controls the glue flow. This way you will not waste your glue sticks. It is very safe to use because it has a detachable and flexible support which keeps the gun stable and you can use it in any angle you need to. It comes with 25 glue sticks which are environmentally friendly.

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It can be challenging to work with hot glue guns. You can easily get burned or you might end up with a flood of hot glue. Control over the liquid glue is very important, and having the right amount of glue for your project. Another very important thing is to find a hot glue gun that uses sticks that you can find in your local store. You need to find hot glue guns that are of better quality so you will not end up cleaning a mess every time you use it. We hope that we helped you with our selection of the best hot glue guns, and good luck on all your creative projects!