3 Best Rotary Cutters For Any Situation

Choosing an efficient and high quality rotary cutter can be surprisingly complex at times. For those who don’t know, the rotary cutter is a piece of equipment that is commonly used by quilters to cut fabric.

When shopping around for a quality cutter, you want something durable so you will be able to cut whatever you have to without worrying about breaking the blade or any other part of the cutter. Most importantly, you want to make sure you are not going to end up cutting yourself. A blade with safety features such as a blade lock and/or hand shield can be extremely beneficial in the long term.

In addition, it is also important to select a cutter with a comfortable grip. Sometimes you will need to use a rotary cutter to cut through material in an awkward position, so it is crucial to find something that will provide your hand with comfort and ultimately make your job a lot easier. No one wants to deal with constant hand cramps and other pains that come with working with a rotary cutter for long hours, therefore you should invest in something comfortable and easy to use. Lets jump right into our list of the best rotary cutter.


The following are some of the best rotary cutters on the market currently:

  1. Rotary Cutter ★ ULTRA Durable TITANIUM Coated Blades ★ (The Best Rotary Cutter)

One of the best rotary cutters on the market

The Evergreen rotary cutter has several features that cater to the user’s needs. It is reassured that your blade will be ultra-sharp with the Japanese 45mm blade so that you will be able to cut any material, no matter how thick. The titanium coating also extends the life of your blades. You can cut through dozens of layers per day and not have to worry about wearing out your blade. The sharpness of the blade is a highlight of this tool. You can now cut straight through most materials and not have to worry about jagged edges that other cutting tools typically leave on a daily basis.

Your hands will no longer be in severe pain after cutting material with the comfortable grip on the Evergreen cutter. Instead of using scissors and having to deal with the uncomfortable plastic, this product is something you should consider.

The most significant feature of this rotary cutter has to be the push-button lock. Now, you can keep the blade open effortlessly while cutting your fabric or you can press the button when you are finished to lock the blade. The push-button lock is definitely something to look out for when looking for a new rotary cutter.

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2.    Quilting Bee 60mm Deluxe Rotary Cutter for Quilting, Crafts and Scrapbooking

the best rotary cutter

The Quilting Bee deluxe rotary cutter can be used for various tasks. You can use this tool to virtually cut any type of material. This cutter can be used with several different blades; including the wave blades.

It is also mentioned that SKS-7 blade is so strong that it can cut up to 6 layers of material. So if you typically deal with a mass amount of fabric, this cutter may be able to make your job easier and faster.

This tool emphasizes user safety. Upon releasing the handle, the blade retracts so that you don’t run the risk of accidentally cutting yourself. Now you can do your job with a peace of mind; knowing that you won’t get hurt due to an inconvenience. Also, you can lock the blade while open or closed so that you can concentrate on your work or keep the blade locked inside to prevent it from coming out and potentially causing injury inside your pocket.

I think the best part of this product is the 10-year warranty included with your purchase. Quilting Bee is very confident in their product, and assures you that it will last at least ten years, otherwise you can exercise the warranty.

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   3. Fiskars 45mm Contour Rotary Cutter (195210-1001)

Made by rskars this is the best rotary cutter

The Fiskars Contour cutter sports a unique, prominent design. The white and orange color scheme stands out cosmetically compared to its competitors but more importantly it does a great job at cutting; particularly fabric, paper, and vinyl.

This cutter is made for both those who are left-handed and right-handed, so now you don’t have to look for a specific type of cutter or feel uncomfortable using a cutter with your left hand when it is clearly made for someone who primarily uses their right hand.

You can cut carpet, felt, and other materials with this manually operated cutter using minimal effort.

The open loop-handle makes it easy to grip the tool and protects your fingers from rubbing against the material you are cutting while being in control the whole time. Now that the device is easier to hold, you can get your job done a lot faster compared to using a standard rotary cutter. The gray on the handle also looks soft which is good for those who plan on using a rotary cutter for hours on end.

Just by looking and the modern look and the high-end blade, it is evident that the Fiskars cutter is one of the best rotary cutters available right now.

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After viewing this list of the best rotary cutters, quilters no longer need to dread getting their work done. The rotary cutters on this list offer a comfortable grip, sharp blades, and other specific features that make these cutters unique.

All three of these rotary cutters are similar and offer their own special perks. You want to go with the one that best suits your needs. Whether you are righty or lefty, looking to cut one piece of fabric at a time or ten, these three tools are the best rotary cutters in the market. They provide blade security with locks that will let you keep the blade in and out depending on what you want.

Fiskars has a unique and attractive design with a comfortable grip, the Quilting Bee offers a promising ten year warranty, and the Evergreen cutter contains extremely durable blades that are sure to last you a long time as you get your moneys worth.

Again, for those who don’t know, rotary cutters tend to be used by quilters for cutting things such as fabric, but aren’t limited to cutting other products such as paper and vinyl. When looking for a quality cutter with safety features and reliability, these brands are the ones that will not let you down. Thanks for reading our article on the best rotary cutter!

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