3 Best Scrapbook Albums For Getting Started On Your Next Project

Scrapbooking actually means that you take colored paper, photos, and other decorative objects (stickers, ribbons, beads etc.), and use them all to create scrapbook albums, which looks more or less like a personalized photo album. It is sort of a memories book. They are usually themed, like for example a wedding album, a holiday album, or a graduation one.
So the first thing you need to start creating your scrapbook albums is the base point, which is the scrapbook album itself. You can either make it yourself from bought pieces, or ideally buy the whole album and just start filling it in with your memories and creative ideas. They come in such a big variety and are so gorgeous that it’s actually kind of hard to decide on one. In this article, we will show a few of the most sought for scrapbook albums out there.

SiCoHome Scrapbook Vintage Photo Album Anniversary

A great scrapbook album that is very DIY

This scrapbook album looks like an ancient book or like a very old diary. It is exquisite and very unique looking. It comes with 30 black card pages, which can be filled with many different sizes of photos (the size is up to you). In total, if you use only 6 inches photos, you can add at least 150 of them. The album’s size is 26×26 cm (around 10×10 inches).

The pages are removable, so you can use as many as you want, or add some more later if needed. Because the pages are black, it makes everything you put on them stand out and look even more beautiful. The scrapbook album comes with multicolored triangle stickers to use if you wish to stick your pictures with them.

It can make and excellent gift, either already filled in with your memories, or just as it is, if it’s for a person that has this hobby.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any page protectors, and it is hard to find some to add separately due to the odd size. The same goes apparently for the refill papers.  

It doesn’t come assembled, so you need to put on just a little bit of work in the beginning, but it’s not hard and takes only a few minutes. You can only use gel pens to write on it, because of the black color of the papers, or you can use word stickers. Many people complain that it is too small.

Apparently they come with slightly different covers, so keep this in mind when you order. Although the heart shape may still be there, you might get a totally different written message.

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Expressions Collection Family Love Expandable Scrapbook

One of the best scrapbook albums

This one is slightly bigger, 12×12 inches, but has only 10 pages. It is expandable though, so you can buy more pages and add them up. Page refills for it are easy to find on the market. The pages are all distortion free and acid free, which is great, as it will not negatively affect your photos in time. It comes with plastic covers for each page, so you will not need to buy them separately.

The cover is absolutely charming, and it has a small photo frame on it with a clear plastic piece on top, so that your photo stays protected.

The binding can easily be unscrewed in order to add more pages to it. The only problem is that, as you add more pages and protective sheets to it, when it opens it will look and feel a bit stiff, it will look somewhat like a butterfly.

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T-HAOHUA Hand Made Hardcover Kraft Paper Folding Photo Album
A very neat album that features the movie up. Commonly known as one of the best scrapbook album.

This handmade folding scrapbook album is one of our most favorites, because of its really special design. It has a very interesting accordion look, and it’s tied up with a leather (or leather like) lanyard. It’s made out of craft paper and cardboard paper and has 30 pages in total.

The covers are hard, and the colored picture on the front cover definitely gets you thinking about holiday.

To mention that because of the accordion like design, you can either open it fully (giving it an unfolded length of 78 inches), or open it like a normal book, page by page.

The size is pretty small compared to the first two ones (8.3*6inches), but that’s what gives it an even more special feel, as it looks like a small diary. In my opinion, it would be fantastic for a travel themed scrapbook or one for far childhood memories.

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Scrapbook albums show-case your creativity and imagination. You will find a myriad of choices out there, with many different styles to choose from: post-bound albums (has screws and posts that screw together to bind it), ring albums – held together by rings and usually have protective foils, folding albums, albums that look like a traditional book, albums held together by spirals or ribbons, and the list can go on.

You can make your own scrapbook albums exactly as you imagine it. There are no limits to what you can achieve, as there are as many possibilities as you can think of. It’s all about creativity and style, and it is always a personal preference. Thanks for reading our post on the best scrapbook albums!