3 Best Scrapbook Stickers To Add To Any Project

One of the best things about scrapbooking is that it’s so easy and pleasant that almost anyone can do it. There is no right or wrong, it just takes a little bit of creativity. And even as a beginner, you almost always end up having a cute original product. You need very few things, and one of the most common ones are scrapbook stickers. Get a pack of scrapbook stickers, a few photos, some glue and a pair of scissors, and start playing. Scrapbook stickers come in a variety of shapes, colors and themes. They can be colorful, black and white, vintage, or a mix of them. Some are waterproof, some are matte, others glossy, some thicker and others not so thick.  You can have animal shaped stickers, nature theme stickers, words and numbers, the sky is the limit.

For more information on the topic, we will describe three of the most appreciated scrapbook stickers on the market.

Crowded Attic Salvage Stickers by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, 372 Stickers

Great set of scrapbook stickers for anyone to get started

These are absolutely marvelous adhesive backed scrapbook stickers designed in a strong vintage style by appreciated  artist Tim Holtz.

They come packed in a cute sticker book, which can be very handy. Each pack has 372 sticker images, of many various shapes and styles: buttons, numbers, letters, maps, etc., looking like they belong to long forgotten times. There are 7 pages with scrapbook stickers inside the pack, and their size vary a lot.

If you need a bit of nostalgia and an old fashioned theme added to your scrapbook, this is the tool for you. They are perfect for any personal touch to scrapbooking, designing cards or journaling. The material is 100% paper of a good quality, cardstock weight and pretty thick.

The adhesive doesn’t seem to be very strong though, so you may need to add more glue when using them. Unfortunately, or maybe not, there are no multiples in the pack, meaning that if you want more of the same piece, you will have to buy two or more packs.

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Emoji Sticker Pack By Emoji Stickers 288 of the MOST POPULAR EMOJIS

Scrapbook stickers that represent emojis

Although not one of my favorites, I must admit they are pretty popular. A pack contains 6 sheets with 48 scrapbook stickers each, which sums up to a total of 288 emoticons. They are about the size of a nickel.

The best thing about them is that they are waterproof and removable, and can be stuck to almost anything, from mobile phones to notebooks and even planners, to make them look more attractive. They are a fun addition to scrapbooking, and you can even use them to design greeting cards and invitations. They are perfect for children.

The sets can differ from one another, so if you buy two sets you’ll probably end up having two different ones, which can be a plus or not, depending on what you need it for. There are usually no duplicates, and you might get a couple of pages with stickers that you don’t have a big use for, like signs and shapes. Many customers report the emoticons as having faded colors or the colors are inaccurate, and apparently some of the newer emoticons aren’t yet there.

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Chitchat Word Stickers by Tim Holtz Idea-ology, Black and White Matte Cardstock, 1088 Stickers

A very large pack of scrapbook stickers

The Chitchat scrapbook stickers by Tim Holtz are some of the most interesting products out there. You can easily find on the market stickers with images, plants, animal etc., but many users want to add writing to their project. Finding a pack that has such a great selection of words included is not really easy though. This product has well over 1000 stickers inside, with a great variety of words, and they come in a very useful and beautiful sticker book. They’re made out of 100% paper.

They come in black and white and have a matte finish. The words are common, but they can be used to create very interesting phrases or sayings. They have multiples of the very common words. It might be a bit hard to find the words you need, but that’s just because there are so many to choose from.

They definitely give an interesting look to your scrapbook page, are excellent for creating quotes, for journaling, or for bulletin boards. You can even use them to create smash books or decorate gift boxes. They are ideal for designing cards, making them look special.

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Scrapbooking is a great hobby, no matter what your budget is. The base of it is the paper, which comes in various different colors and patterns, and then you can add many other embellishments.

Using stickers as an embellishment (check out our article on the best embellishments for scrapbooking) can definitely add a perfect finished look to your scrapbook, making it much more visually appealing. They work great for personalizing gifts and birthday cards, as well as for other items, such as personalizing your coffee mug at the office.  I added the words “do not touch” to my mug and it works like a charm.