3 Punch Boards For Creating The Perfect Gift

An envelope, a box for the gift, or just a simple bow for decoration; these things always seem to be skipped during gift shopping, and the worst feeling is when you just came home with all the presents and you realize that you don’t have all the necessary things to make it pretty. Being a convenient tool for situations like that, these punch boards will be your best friend when it comes to all kinds of paper crafting. We will be looking into three types of punch boards in this article: American Crafts We R Memory Keepers 123 Punch Box, Gift Box Punch Box, and Envelope Punch Board.

#3 American Crafts We R Memory Keepers 123 Punch Board

best punchboard 3

American Crafts We R Memory Keepers 123 Punch Board, is a simple, basic tool for your paper crafts that will get the job done in no time. As easy as 1-2-3, this tool allows you to make over 250 different projects of different sizes and shapes. One of the great assets is that this great punch board comes with a book full of ideas on how to make even more project using the 123 board. It is a great basic, classic tool to get you into paper crafts. Considering the simplicity of the kit, it provides with a very wide variety of ideas and instructions that will keep you busy for quite some time. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

#2 We R Memory Keepers Gift Box Punch Board

Best Punch Board 2

Another great product from We R Memory Keepers is a Gift Box Punch Board that allows you to create gift boxes in 20(!) different sizes in just a few easy steps. We all know – the outside of the package counts just as much as what is inside. This tool will be your biggest help to make it happen. The Boards will help you with creating gift bags, gift boxes, pillow boxes and even candy boxes. The only disadvantage of the product is the fact that the design of the boxes makes the remnants of the paper stay inside of the box. But this problem is very well solved by our last punch board to review. Click here to get more information about this product on Amazon.

#1 We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board

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Finally, the best punch board. The Envelope Punch Board by the same WRMK creates envelopes in more than a dozen different sizes. The package contains everything you will ever need for your paper projects: a score board, 2-way envelope punch, bone folder and a measurement chart. The 2-way envelope punch will help you to create fold tabs and even the round corners so you can go fancy all the way. You can even create 3D envelopes for card sets if you wish! This award-winning product will also allow you to make large envelopes out of a smaller piece of paper, eliminating the unnecessary remnants inside that take the precious room, and making it, without a doubt, the best punch board.

Click here to view this product on Amazon, the WRMK Envelope Punch Board!

To conclude our review, I would like to mention that overall quality of all the products listed is very good. Now it all depends on your imagination and willingness to go further with your projects. Choosing the kit that contains all the tools that you need might be a better option if you own a business and take pride in a packaging of your product, or you are really into surprising your family with unusual hand-made gift boxes. It’s all there for you to fit your needs and take care of the difficult part – all you need to do is to visualize the project and receive the compliments afterward.