Best Scrapbook Embellishments To Add To Any Album

The number of themes that you can choose for your scrapbook or crafts is basically limited to only your imagination. You can choose from the most common ones, like vacation memories, family or life events, to more personalized themes dedicated to your small guinea pig, your coffee addiction, or your favorite place on Earth.  You don’t need too many items to work with in order to create a beautifully looking scrapbook, but some scrapbook embellishments are most definitely worth using if you want to make your final product look like a small piece of art.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites and see how they can best be used to improve the quality and look of your work. Without further adieu, lets jump right into our list of the best scrapbook embellishments:

Thrift Shop Ephemera Pack by Tim Holtz

These are some of the best scrapbook embellishments on the market

Tim Holtz is one of the most appreciated designers in this field, and this vintage style collection is no exception for sure. It is a fantastic collection that contains a variety of designs and colors, adding extra personality to your theme.

The packs contain 54 various pieces. Their thickness and weight is somewhere in between paper and cardboard, just right for most purposes. Each piece is wonderful, and some are even two sided, but most are not.  

They are an excellent choice for journaling and collage making, but you can use them for anything really, so just let your creativity go wild. They can even be glued to pieces of furniture for a collage look.

Although the quality of the paper is good, many people complain that they are too thin and not too colorful, but I think this is subjective. They do have a vintage look. It all depends on the purpose you are using them for, so if you need thicker or more colorful ones, try going for themed cardstock and other embellishments like buttons, beads, ribbons, etc.

Other users complain that many of them are too tiny to use, or that they haven’t received what the advertising picture showed, so be prepared that you might not get what you thought you would. The pictures are probably, like in many other products, just informative.

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K&Company Susan Winget Spring Blossom Die-cut Cardstock

One of the best scrapbooking embellishment of all time

This spring like die-cut paper set includes 60 pieces per pack, and it can basically be used for anything from scrapbooking to handmade cards or journals. They are diverse and colorful, and give a back to nature feel to your final product.

K&Company make very good quality stickers that always have a beautiful and attractive print. The pack contains a great variety of pieces to work with, like butterflies, birds, nests, flowers, bird houses and so on.

They are thick enough and easy to use, but remember they do have to be glued on to your desired surface.

Although they are more colorful than the Ephemera pack described above, their colors could be a little more vibrant considering that they mimic nature. Some of them are not made out of paper, but out of a transparent and pretty thin cellophane, which disappointed some users,  and some items like tall flowers need to be handled carefully, as they are a bit more delicate.

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Pack of 50g Over 100 PCS – Mixed Colours of Various Shaped Mixed Buttons for Sewing and Crafting

A fantastic set of the best scrapbook embellishments

These small buttons are exquisite pieces of work that add a beautiful design to your crafting, and are definitely some of the best scrapbook embellishments available. 

They come in 50g packs, which means more or less 100 buttons (the pack is per weight, so although most of the time you might get over 100 buttons, don’t be disappointed if you end up with just 98).

Here, what you see is what you get. A pack of absolutely beautifully colored buttons, with many interesting and very diverse patterns made out of almost any color that you can think of.

They are all round buttons with two holes, light weight but sturdy at the same time. The buttons are 15 mm in diameter (about the size of a dime).

You can really get creative with them, and they make a great tool to use for all crafted items, from designing scrapbooks to quilt projects or small doll clothes. They have a bit of a distinctive smell, but not to worry about, as it is non-toxic.

The only downside here would be that only few buttons will pair up, if any, most of them being different than the other. But mixing and mismatching them can actually give a more interesting personality to your crafts or sewing project, making them original.


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Given the fact that we all have different ideas when it comes to creating our small pieces of art, the right product for me might not end up being the right product for you, and vice-versa.

In the beginning, you might want to choose a product that has a big variety of uses and that is easy and fun to use. You want to make your crafting pleasant and creative; after all, for most of us it’s a hobby, and hobbies are made to relax us and enhance our state of being.

Or you can try different products and get a feel of how it is to use each, and then decide which one best suits your style and complements your work. Don’t forget that even styles may vary in time, so don’t be afraid to try new products when you feel like it’s time for a change. Thanks for reading our post on the best scrapbook embellishments!