Best Scrapbook Kits To Add To Your Toolbox

Scrapbooking can be a fun, enjoyable and rewarding hobby, as well as a great way to stylishly present and preserve your fondest memories. But, if you are a beginner scrapbooker, it can be difficult to get organized and know where to start. With a scrapbooking supply kit, you can have all your starter supplies prepared for you and ready to use whenever you choose to get started. Kits often include a scrapbook and different colored paper, pens and scissors, decorative tape, stickers and other embellishments that are based upon a particular theme. Get started the easy way with a great scrapbooking kit. With that being said, let’s jump into our list of the best scrapbook kits:

#3 SiCoHome Scrapbooking Kit

One of the best scrapbook kits that are being sold these days


The SiCoHome Scrapbooking Supplies Scrapbook Kit includes many accessories, including three edge wave scissors for decorative cutting which are durable enough to cut photos and thick paper, two embossing kits suitable for softer paper, colored pages, decorative lace tape for a classy detail, a golden Eiffel Tower sticker and a set of other stickers. You also get corner paste papers, three colored ink pens, a set of decorative mini postcards and  several sheets of colorful masking tape stickers. This set would look great with your vacation memories, and can provide a beautiful way to display all of your great vacation memories. Click here to check out the SiCoHome on Amazon.

#2 BIG Ideas BOX Scrapbooking Kit

A great scrapbook kit that features many things you need to scrapbook anything you desire.

The me & my BIG Ideas BOX-79 Lacey Charm Album Box Kit includes a post-bound album for your scrapbooking pages, 20 decorative patterned papers to decorate, chipboard stickers, dimensional embellishments and a set of epoxy stickers. If you’re not sure where to get started, this kit could help you out. This kit is suitable for the starter scrapbooker, with an album to get you started, and has papers and decorative elements to offset any scrapbooking theme that you might have in mind. With this set, you can add embellishments of your own as you get going on your scrapbooking project. Click here to check out BIG Ideas box on Amazon.

#1 BIG Ideas 12 x 12 Kit (the best scrapbook kit)


Big ideas box that feature a scrapbook kit. Perfect for anyone looking to get into scrapbooking!

Also available is the me & my BIG Ideas 12-inch by 12-inch Scrapbooking Box Kit. In our opinion, this is one of the best scrapbook kits, everything considered! This kit includes several helpful features such as a 12-inch by 12-inch album that is post-bound and top-loading. You also get 10 double-sided sheet protectors to insert your scrapbooking pages into for a polished looking finish. This kit also includes an array of ribbons, stickers and other embellishments that have been coordinated specifically for use with your album to help save you time and to help you get started off right. With this kit you can preserve your precious memories with a professional looking final product. Click here to view this kit on Amazon
When choosing your scrapbooking kit, look for the items that you feel you would like to have in order to complete your desired scrapbooking project. If you’re looking for a more coordinated look, choose a kit that is based on a theme you would like to use, with all papers and embellishments matching and looking great together. If you’re short on supplies, you might also choose a kit that includes writing utensils, scissors and other hardware that you would like to use on this and future scrapbooking projects. Each kit boasts its own specific set of accessories for all your scrapbooking needs. Thanks for reading our article on the best scrapbook kits!