Best Scrapbook Paper | Cardstock and Patterned

A scrapbook will always have as a start point, a base on which will all the decorative items and the pictures will be added on. Cardstock and patterned paper are some of the most commonly used, and can get a bit confusing when having to choose, especially for beginners. So let’s see what makes each of these scrapbook papers special and what their most common use is. Cardstock is a heavier and thicker scrapbook paper, not see-through and usually colored on both sides, while patterned paper is much lighter and typically one sided.

Cardstock used for scrapbooks is normally acid free and lignin free, so that it will not cause damage to your photos in time. Patterned paper can also come acid and lignin free. If not archival safe, the cardstock or patterned paper can damage your photos by changing their color (as an example, think of an old newspaper that gets yellow in color as years go by).  So what people mostly do, they use cardstock as a base to which they stick their photos and other decorative items, more so as it offers a very good support for them. Then they add patterned paper to the layout in order to enhance the visual effect.

You do not need to use both cardstock and patterned paper to make a scrapbook album, but you can if you wish so. If you use patterned paper to glue things on top of it, it might give it a messy look because of too many colors. It is therefore better to use the colored scrapbook paper as decoration. On cardstock, you can use both sides of it to glue or stick elements on.

Because of its properties, cardstock is usually more expensive, but much more durable. Some manufacturers started making patterned cardstock as well.
To lessen your headache, in this article we have chosen a few of our favorites to show you, and will expose their features and qualities.

DCWV Double Sided Cardstock Stack, Textured, 58 Sheets, 12 x 12 inches

A great set of cardstock scrapbook paper

This is of course, an acid free cardstock, archival safe and long resistant. There are 58 sheets in each pack, with 20 solid colors. The pages are two sided, each side being of a different color. In total, there are 200 designs that you can choose from.

The actual quality of the scrapbook papers is very good, with a nice texture and weight, and the colors are really vibrant.

DCWV generally produces very good quality products. These particular cardstock papers do a very good job for scrapbooks and banners, or any other  paper crafting projects. It cuts very nicely, thus is great for making cards.  It can be easily and nicely cut in die cutting machines.

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DCWV Cardstock Stack, Match Makers Brights, 58 Sheets, 12 x 12 inches

A set of some of the best scrapbook paper available

Like the first product presented, this too is acid and lignin free. The pack contains 58 sheets, 2 each of the 29 neutral colors and are 12×12 inches in size.

The pages come in a pad form, giving it the look of a book, from which you can easily remove pages and start creating. The adhesive that keeps them in this form is strong enough to keep them in place, but does not leave residue on the side of the pages.

The colors are pleasantly bright with different levels of intensity, and very classy. The scrapbook paper can be used for almost anything from making homemade bookmarks to cards or small boxes.

Both sides of the paper have a woven linen textured look and a white core, which adds to its look and makes it more sturdy.

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American Crafts 36-Sheet Amy Tangerine Plus One Patterned Paper Pad, 6 by 6-Inch

A collection fearturing the best scrapbook paper out there in the scrapbook world

The gum-bound scrapbook paper pads contain 36 double sided sheets each, which is great considering that most of the patterned paper out there are single sided.

You can easily tear off the 6×6 pre-cuts, as the perforations are deep enough. It comes in a variety of amazing designs, very beautifully colored. They definitely give a stunning look to your craftwork.

The scrapbook paper is high quality with a matte finish, and although they are not cardstock, they’re pretty thick for patterned paper. Every page is different, offering such a wide variety of patterns, from floral and geometric to words and numbers. The smaller size patterns are perfect for making cards.

You can use them for planners, picture frames, bookmarks, cards and more, or as embellishments for any craftwork.

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American Crafts Paper Pad, 6 by 6-Inch, Amy Tan Sketchbook

A very colorful set of the best scrapbook paper

These paper pads contain 36 sheets as well, but they are all single sided. The quality of the paper is very good, and in our opinion they are even more beautifully colored than the latter.

Each pack contains 2 pieces of each design, so there are 18 original designs in total. The designs make a perfect product for children or spring/summer themed craftwork. They have reduced size prints. The scrapbook paper has a kind of a watermarked background which gives it a really interesting look.

The camera patterns are ideal for a fancy look, and the black and white patterns go well combined with rubber stamps or stickers.

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With the right base to start your work with, you can immediately begin your own creativity path. Patterned scrapbook paper makes an ideal embellishment as well, and with a few more tools like albums and accessories, the only thing that needs to come from within are your memories and ideas.

Scrapbooking is not only a hobby, but an art, and therefore a very personal experience. There is no right way to do it, but neither is there a wrong one, as it is all subject to creative interpretation. If you enjoy this hobby and are creative enough, you can easily transform it into a money making opportunity as well.